Looking for a fun activity for your school, non for profit, camp, scout group or church outting?

Here's some general information on how it works!

Each package requires a minimum of 15 painters for outside events and 10 painters for in studio. Events usually take approximately 1.5-2 hours to complete depending on the age group. Pottery paint is non toxic and washable off cloths and skin, great for young painters looking to get messy. Handprints is another great option for young painters that have parents looking for a keepsake piece. 

studio visit

We'd love to have you as a guest in our studio! We can accommodate up to 40 painters at a time along with a few teachers/leaders. 
Pick a package and we'll give you the tools, instructions and guidance throughout your creative journey. You'll be amazed with what they can do.
When you're group is all done painting upon request, we'll even do a short tour of our kiln area! we'll teach you all there is to know about kiln firing, glazing and the history about pottery. It's fun and educational!

WE come to you!

So you're looking to do something  fun in the comfort of your own space? Awesome, we can accommodate that!  We'll bring everything you need to have a great time.  Once everyone has their piece, our paint experts will give your group the low down on how the paint works. Canvas's can be taken as soon as the paint dries, pottery piece will be taken back to the studio for kiln baking! Pottery pieces are typically ready in a week and are guaranteed to amaze.  After baking all plates, mugs and bowls are safe to use and microwavable.


Practically Perfect Package:

This package gives kids the choice between a 16oz mug, cereal bowl or salad plate. These ceramic pieces have corresponding worksheets so the kids can plan what they would like to paint before the event. You can also have a “theme”, for example related to the current curriculum or an upcoming holiday. Planning out their project makes the kids more confident in their project giving them a better experience and result.

PDF worksheets will be emailed to you!

Please contact us for pricing.

Creative Canvas Package:

Canvas is a great option for a same day project. Choose to do freestyle, technique or a themed class on a 12x16 canvas. This project usually takes 1.5-2 hours depending on the age of the group. Themes such as  emojis, unicorns ect classes can be be done upon request. Just let us know what theme you had in mind and we'll set up a step by step class built just for you. 

Please contact us for pricing.

Holiday Themes

Mothers/Fathers Day: 
Handprints are always a nice keepsake to receive and can easily be achieved with a bit of planning. The kids get a choice between a 16oz mug, cereal bowl or salad plate. We'll teach the kids step by step how to create a memorable themed piece or they can freestyle with some primary colours.  Upon request, we'll do the final touches with some custom lettering with the painters name, age  and message. 

Please contact us for pricing.

Ready 2 paint ornaments:

Always a popular option. Each child paints two ornaments, and there are non-religious choices available as well as Christmas specific items. The picture shows a selection of typical items, we will typically bring at least 10 types and the children choose what they like. They’ll be delivered with nice ribbons, ready to go on the tree or in the window.

Please contact us for pricing.

Clay hand or foot print:

Clay Santa Handprint or snowman footprint Ornaments, custom painted by our talented staff. You come in or we come to you, do the handprints, and we paint the ornament for you, what could be easier. Project takes about 10 minutes per child, projects will be returned in approximately 2.5 weeks. 

Please contact us for pricing.

New year resolution Mug: 

New year new you! Encourage your student to set future goals for the new year with these 16oz mugs.

Please contact us for pricing.

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*masks are a requirement while browsing pottery and or exploring the studio

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