wood art: coming later this year


14x17.5 - $45

10"- $40

6"- $30

8"- $35


Coming later this year is wood base art! Its simple and fun, choose a wood base then any one of the three styles to achieve a truly unique piece. We'll guide you through step by step depending on the project you've chosen. We have lots of ideas you can flip through to get the perfect design. Price is based on the item that you've chosen and it comes with one technique. Depending on the size of the piece you may mix and match techniques for an additional cost.


♥ We only allow guests that are 16 years and older for wood burning and string art. String art can be done with an accompanied adult to hammer in the nails, however we must be strict with the age restrictions on wood burning.

♥ If you're planning on painting a wooden sign or cookie please consider that Acrylic paint is non washable. Aprons and gloves are provided but we recommend the painter consider wearing cloths that are ok to take paint splatters and smears. Worried about paint stains? Our pottery pieces can be painted worry free with 100% washable pottery paint.