Paint each other as lego charactors or take advantage of the stacking ability for some convient storage for your new favorite set of mugs.


♥ 2 paintable mugs

♥ 6 colours

♥ 6 brushes

♥ instructions

♥ kiln baking

Stacking Mugs Kit

  • We'll be sending you underglaze paints!  What does this mean?  The paint is non-toxic, cleans easily and does not stain.  Painted pottery will need to be returned to Main Ideas during our drop-off hours and we'll glaze & kiln bake your piece. Fired Pieces will be packaged up and we will reach out to you for pick-up. baked pottery pieces are non-toxic, you may eat off of it's easily washable.   

  • This set is non refundable or exchangeable