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Includes 5 underglaze paints and kiln baking! The paint is non-toxic, cleans easily and does not stain. Painted pottery will need to be returned to Main Ideas and we'll glaze & kiln bake your piece. Fired Pieces will be packaged up and we will reach out to you for pick-up. baked pottery pieces are non-toxic, you may eat off of it and is easily washable.washable making this activity 100% safe for all pets

Large Pet Bowl

  • Pottery paints are a special type of paint that can withstand high tempertures in a kiln making it food safe, microwaveable and washable. Other outside paints for example acrylic is hazardous in high temperatures and therefore cannot be kiln baked. If in the case you do use acrylic or any other kind of paint, we will not bake your pottery,sorry.

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